Service Times



Below you will find a list of resources that you may find helpful.

Women’s Media Library

On our Women’s Media Library page we have all of our current and previous Women’s Bible Study videos.  Choose by series, speakers, or topics. Click HERE to access these videos.

Women’s Bible Study Guides

If you would like to follow one of our previous Bible Studies on your own or in a group, you can find all of our current and previous Bible Study guides listed by series.  Click HERE to access these study guides.

Listening Morning Handouts

While we are no longer holding these events, several of you have asked for the devotional handouts that we used.  Click HERE to access a list of these download-able devotionals.

Leadership Opportunities

Are you interested in leading in our Women’s Ministry?  Find out ways you can lead HERE. Whether you would like to lead one of our Women’s Bible Study tables, a life group, or another group for women, please fill out our 2015-16 Group New Leader Commitments & Questionnaire  and return it to us at

Check out this article from N.T. Wright about Women in ministry in the Church: On Women in Ministry – N.T. Wright


We are always happy to help you find a place to serve in our Women’s ministry.  Find out ways you can serve in our Women’s Ministry by clicking HERE.