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Now when they heard this, their hearts were pierced and they asked, “What should we do?” ~ Acts 2:37

One of Jesus’ first disciples, named Peter, had just persuasively spoken to a large group of people explaining what’s so great about the good news of Jesus.  Their hearts were pierced so they asked, “What should we do?”  They knew they needed someone to give them a picture, a vision, and idea of what it means to live out their ordinary, everyday lives in the light of the hope of the good news of Jesus.  Whether you are a simply curious or a devoted follower of Jesus, whether you are brand new to Christian Assembly or have been part of the “community of the pierced hearts,” join us for our weekend teaching series entitled, This Is What We Do.  In this 6 week series you will learn what the Bible has to say about these things:

+What is the good news of Jesus and why is it such a big deal?  Why should it matter to me?  How can it provide me with the hope and power to change and grow to the person God created me to become?

+How can I start or grow my personal relationship with God?  What is the #1 thing that will help me do that?

+What are Christian Assembly’s core values and how will they help me know how to live out the good news of Jesus?

+How does the good news of Jesus help and change my everyday relationships?

+How can God use me to make a positive difference in the world around me as I follow Jesus?

The good news is about what Jesus Christ has done for us because of His great love for us.  The good news of Jesus can change a mind.  It can pierce a heart.  It can transform a life.  Join us as we catch a fresh vision of This Is What We Do because that is what He’s done.

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