Service Times

Recovery Retreat

Date: May 18th – 20th, 2018

Location: The Oaks, Lake Hughes, CA


Contact: Jack B: email at or call at 818.426.1079. Mario Z: email at or call at 526.713.2224

Next Step in Recovery began in a small church in Burbank, CA. It was a small group of men and women who were in recovery and also believers and followers of Christ Jesus. We gathered for fellowship, prayer, study and 12 step discussions.

As we met with others who attended 12 step conventions, events, and meetings, the deep calling began to manifest into a wider vision. It was clear that we needed a place that we could attend for our personal growth and for genuine koinonia fellowship, a place of unity, prayer and worship.

We began working on our first retreat in 2009 which was held at The Oaks Camp and Conference Center in Lake Hughes, CA in 2010. Since that time we have witnessed miraculous healings, people discovering a God who loves and accepts them, people being set free from years of abuse, addiction, bondage, shame, and torment. As of today there have been well over 100 people who are now secure in their destiny. Next Steps in Recovery holds to the vision that was given as a gift from God honoring all things from Him in great humility.

We continue striving to keep Next Step in Recovery a safe haven for those who struggle with addiction and for those who are continuing in their recovery ranging from 1 day to over 40 years of complete abstinence and recovery.

Our mission is one of reaching the lost, broken, outcast, and hopeless, but also to continue to encourage those in recovery with various years of abstinence who may be new in their life of faith. Regardless of length of recovery or background, all are welcome.



Contact: Jack B: email at or call at 818.426.1079. Mario Z: email at or call at 526.713.2224