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Volunteer With Us

Thank you for considering joining the CA students team!  Our goal is to give you a clear picture of what it looks like to be a leader with CA Students.

CA Students exists to lead students to complete commitment to Christ.  We do this through authentic worship of Jesus, relevant age-appropriate teaching from God’s Word, act of service to those in need, reaching out to the lost and building friendships with leaders and other students.

We cannot accomplish this mission without leaders who are committed to investing into the lives of students.  As you join the CA Students team, our goal is to support and help you as you lead students to complete commitment to Christ.  We love our leaders and rely on them greatly!

As a CA Students leader, we are expecting you to:

GIVE:  Be a person who sacrifices, so that Students might encounter Jesus.

We know that your life is busy and you have many things vying for your attention. We ask our leaders to make serving in CA Students a priority in their life. This looks like:

  1. Attending weekly gatherings (unless sick or out of town)
  2. Attending monthly leader dinners prior to program
  3. Attending Fall Retreat and the Summer Trip (should work and family allow)
  4. Making efforts to spend time with Students outside of program (coffee, sporting events, etc.)
  5. Working towards leading or co-leading a weekly life group for students

GROW:  Be a person of character.

Our desire is that our leaders would be people who are walking towards a greater commitment to Christ in their own lives, which means being:

  1. Committed to Christ: Putting your faith in Jesus and deciding to follow Him
  2. Self-initiating: Taking responsibility for your own spiritual formation
  3. Prayerful: Supporting your church and ministry with prayer
  4. Generous: Practicing a regular pattern of financial giving to the efforts of our church
  5. Dependable: Following through on commitments
  6. Sober: Being free or in recovery from addictions to alcohol, drugs or other substances
  7. Practicing Purity: Engaging in sexual behavior only in the confines of a heterosexual marriage

Thank you again for your interest in joining our mission to see students led to complete commitment to Christ!  If you would like someone to contact you with more information about serving in CA Students, click here to send us an email!