Service Times

Check-in Details

How To Check In 

Go to one of our two check-in areas located at both the North and South Campuses. You can SIGN-IN  your kids (Birth-5th grade ages) at either one. Then, take them to the proper DROP-OFF areas. Our volunteers will help direct you! Please note that you may not drop-off your child and then leave the campus.  

Safety is our number one priority. At check-in, every child and parent receives a sticker with matching ID numbers. The parent with the matching sticker is the only person allowed to pick up the child.  

Sample Check In Sticker


What If I Lose My Sticker?

If you lose your sticker…

You will be asked to show picture I.D. with your signature.  We will compare signatures and if they match we will release your child to you.  

If your child loses their sticker…

You will be asked to wait until ALL the kids have been checked out.  This is a way for us to know whether or not you are the only person trying to check-out the child.  If this is true, we will then release the child to you. 


Visual Paging System

We have a Visual Paging System in both sanctuaries, which allows us to contact parents at any time during the service.  Please take a moment to locate the display monitors near the side screens. If your child needs you during the service, the number on your ID sticker will appear on the display monitors.


Directions & Parking Info