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What is The Gospel?


gospel – good news that changes everything

This is the most important question in human history. All of us realize that life is not always as it should be. Something is wrong. We know and we dream that there is something more, something better.

Jesus is that dream come true. He lived a life that was entirely free of regret because it was a life that perfectly pleased God at every turn – the kind of life that only God could live; the kind of life that deserved love and every reward we can imagine God to give. That is why when Jesus was brutally executed on a cross, those who followed him and trusted him were convinced that the light they had found had been overcome by the darkness of our world.

But when all else is wrong, God is all right. Three days after Jesus died on the cross and was sealed in a tomb, he was raised to life by God’s power.

This is good news that changes everything! Because Jesus died and rose again we do not have to remain trapped by the brokenness of this world, by the mistakes we’ve made, by the sins we’ve committed. We don’t have to wonder if God is for us or against us. We don’t have to search for love in all the wrong places. We can be confident in God’s perfect love for us. We can know that Jesus is our Savior. We can trust that the powerful Spirit of God will empower us to live the life that God created us to live.


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