Service Times

WBS Childcare

Kids Church Childcare Header

 Childcare is provided at no cost to WBS attendees:

  • Childcare is provided for infants through 5th grade
  • A supervised classroom is available for home-schooled children.
  • Junior shepherds serve by invitation only.  If your 6th-8th grade student wants to help, they must contact Kids Church prior to the beginning of Bible Study.
  • Childcare is available starting 30 minutes prior to the beginning of Bible Study.
  • You must pick up your child promptly.  Our staff only stays 15 minutes beyond the end of Bible Study.

You MUST register even if you have used childcare in the past.  This helps us ensure that we have enough childcare workers to care for the children who come. Register HERE.

How and Where to Check In Your Child(ren)

Go to the Check In area under the white tent on our 2424 Colorado Blvd campus.  It is just off the parking lot next to the back side of the building.

Click Here for WBS Areas and Campus Map.

Safety is our number one priority.  At Check In, every child and parent receives a sticker with matching ID numbers.  The parent with the matching sticker is the only person allowed to pick up the child.



What If I Lose My Sticker?
If you lose your sticker…
You will be asked to show picture I.D. with your signature.  We will compare signatures, and if they match, we will release your child to you.

If your child loses his/her sticker…
You will be asked to wait until ALL the kids have been checked out.  This is a way for us to know whether or not you are the only person trying to Check Out the child.  If this is true, we will release the child.

Visual Paging System
We have a Visual Paging System in the 2435 sanctuary which allows us to contact parents at any time during the Bible study.  Please take a moment to locate the display monitor near the side screen.  If your child needs you during the Bible study, the number on your ID sticker will appear on the display monitor.