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At our last baptism services, 22 people were baptized and declared their faith in Jesus Christ! We witnessed and rejoiced as children, young adults,  and friends were baptized. Read below for their stories and how they’ve been #MadeNew in Christ.


Zoe Askerneese:

My name is Zoe. I have kind of always believed in Christ. When I was 11 I decided to trust in Him alone, but I felt like something was holding me back. Now I have learned that I do not have to be afraid, and I am ready to walk with God. This decision has and will continue to make a difference in my life because now I can live out God’s plan for me and not be afraid.

Nia Askerneese:

My name is Nia. I can not remember a time without God in my life. Trusting God makes me feel loved and cared for. Making this decision has given me happiness and fills me with the Holy Spirit. I want to be baptized now because I want to be closer to God.

Lojo Mauvais:

My name is Lojo. Prior to following Christ, my life was full of iniquities, lies, and betrayal. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I would do it anyway. It was hard to have discernment and truth in my life. Then I prayed for forgiveness and mercy this year, and I felt closer to God then ever before. This has been a big step in the prosperity of my life and in my relationship with Jesus. I want to be baptized because I feel like I am ready and I know my relationship with God will only grow during my life.

John Merguerian:

My name is John. Before I decided to trust Christ, I was lost and unsure of my direction in life. I decided to trust Christ for my salvation when I was dealing with a lot of uncertainty and lack of direction in my life. This decision has made a big difference because I have been able to trust God with my life. I want to be baptized so that I will have a spiritual awakening and be more appreciative of all God has provided for me.

Brianna Rogers:

My name is Brianna. Life before Christ was really hard. I had anxiety, and I did not want to think about God because I was scared to commit to something so big. After my mom died, I felt really lost and like I did not fit in anywhere. When I was first invited to CA Students I felt like I belonged. I talked to some people about how I was feeling. They gave me advice and prayed for me. It was such a great feeling! I decided to go to the winter retreat and I could feel God with me. I am so excited to see what God has in store for me.

Ernesto Navarro:

My name is Ernesto. Before placing my trust in Christ, my life was boring with a lot of sin. One day I was walking home from school and someone gave me a Bible. I read the Bible and learned about all of the stuff that God did. I was amazed, so I put my trust in Him. This decision has made a difference in my life because now I pray and believe that God can make the impossible possible.

Anthony Navarro:

My name is Anthony. Jesus and I have been close recently. A few year ago my family moved. It was really hard changing schools, friends, and routines. Jesus got me through these hard times and problems. By getting baptized, I want to grow closer to God and be fully committed to Him.

Roland Navarro:

My name is Roland. A few years back I was having issues in my life, but through prayer I was able to get help. Before Christ, I felt like my life has been on the side of the road, then I was ready to move into the road and walk with Jesus. I believe 100% that being on the path with God is the only way to live.

Asher Trammel:

My name is Asher Trammel. I received Christ when I was 3 years old but, around 5th grade, I started to fall away from Christ. At that time, I felt sad and unsatisfied with my life. Realizing that I was unsatisfied apart from Christ I decided to recommit my life to Him. I don’t need a lot of friends or money to satisfy me. I feel that my relationship with Christ was strengthened with this decision and I can trust Him a lot more. I want to be baptized today because I felt that Jesus was calling me to the next step in my Christian life.

Zachary Matweyew:

My name is Zachary. Before Christ, My life consisted of drugs and alcohol. I was selfish and ended up losing everything. I had no sense of worth, and no desire to live or change. On the day I was suppose to go back for treatment, I overdosed. When I came to I reached out for help and my family was there for me. I was able to see Christ through their unconditional love for me. Since then my life is filled with the desire to help others, and more importantly, love them. I want to be baptized today so that I can be cleansed from my sin.

Melonie Adams:

My name is Melonie.  I knew Jesus when I was a child, but I took a lot of wrong turns in my life that led me to feel lost, hopeless and fearful.  About four months ago, I was facing life in prison and that was preferable to the way I was living.  Rather than asking God for things, at that point, I began to thank him for His promises to me that I receive in Jesus Christ.  I’m getting baptized because I want to deepen my commitment to follow Jesus.  I feel more compelled to live for Christ and to let Him use my life for His glory.

Amanda Rhyne:

My name is Amanda. Prior to following Christ, my life was literally “hell on earth”. I lost everything over and over, wondering why God hated me so much. I was living in addiction, using something to fill the holes I had in my heart. I began to feel so ashamed and guilty like I did not deserve forgiveness. One day, I was brought to my knees and knew I could not live on my self-will anymore. I knew it was all or nothing and God has just been waiting for me to give it all to Him. Since then I have been able to find peace in just about everything. My trust and faith has started to grow every day.

Alexis Genske:

My name is Alexis. I grew up attending CA and was lucky enough to have parents that encouraged and supported me through my journey. I officially placed my trust in Christ at a youth retreat in middle school. I grew into my faith in high school when I had to turn over my fears and pain to God. Since placing my faith in Christ, I have realized my deepest and most abundant relationships have come through Jesus. He has enriched my life. I want to be baptized today because I believe that my life will be fullest if I allow God to lead it.

Jonathan Meza:

My name is Jonathan. Before Christ, my life was chaotic, full of broken promises and confusion. My actions ultimately destroyed my marriage, and I realized that I had pushed Christ out of my life. I hit rock bottom in my solitude and turned back to God. Through rebuilding my life in Jesus, my wife and I are working together peacefully and I am creating positive, Godly relationships in all areas of my life. I committed my life to Christ but never surrendered my life to him. It’s time for Christ to be my true foundation.

Estrella Molina:

My name is Estrella. Prior to placing my faith in Christ, my marriage was suffering. Through that relationship my children were suffering too, and I was ready to give up. Last year we came to a service and I was ready to label it a failure before it began. However, the music made me cry. The service answered a lot of my questions and women’s bibles study has helped me to grow in love and commitment to God. My life has proved to be more positive in the years I’ve spent here, and my family has come closer.


My name is Niko. I have grown up with God in my life, but now that I am getting bigger I want to make good decisions for my future. I chose to put my trust in Christ because Jesus forgave us for our sins. Who better to trust? I believe this decision has given me strength and hope that I am on the right path. I want to be baptized today to get closer to God and follow in His steps.  

Lucas Price:

My name is Lucas. I have known about Jesus my whole life. My parents read me the bible and sang to me about God. I was three years old when I put my trust in Jesus. I have continued to learn about Jesus’s love for me in Kid’s Church and at school. Sometimes I don’t make the best choices or I am angry, but I have learned to pray that Jesus would bring me peace. Over the past year I have seen God answer my prayer and that has helped me trust him more. I want to be baptized today because I love Jesus and want to follow him for the rest of my life.

Sara Viray:

My name is Sara. Before Christ, I always felt as if I was the only person who could fix problems in my life, even those I could not control. I also suffered with feeling guilty every time I slipped up. I decided to trust God for the first time with a problem that was completely out of my control. It started with prayer, but then my whole life started to change in a more positive way. I was amazed and decided to trust God with everything in my life. This decision has completely changed my outlook on life! It is no longer a series of difficult trails, but a journey I am on with God.

Danielle Yap:

My name is Danielle. Before I placed my trust in Christ, I had a lot of negative thoughts, anxieties, and fears. I rebelled against my family and God to the point that I froze and was hospitalized. A lot of people were praying for me and it lifted my spirit. It was nice to be encouraged and see that God is more alive in me than the enemy. Since then I make better choices in how I choose to live my life. I want to be baptized today and show my obedience to Christ.

Genesis Stevens:

My name is Genesis. I put my trust in Christ when I was little. Since then I have continued to grow closer to God. This decision has made a difference in my life because I have a stronger sense of right and wrong. I also have a strong prayer life, and do not feel alone anymore because I know that God is with me. I am so excited to be baptized tonight! I am ready to take this step and become closer to God.

Jim Markunas:

My name is Jim. Before I decided to trust Christ my life was miserable. One day Jesus found me. I asked Him to be my Lord and Savior and he said “Yes”. Since then life is still hard, but I have hope and faith in Christ. I pray a lot and I can see that God is bringing healing to my life. I want to be baptized tonight so that I am fully committed to Jesus.

Deziree Alvarez:

My name is Deziree. Before I fully decided to trust God, life was a big blur.  I was focusing on how to get control of my life, but I couldn’t get a hold of it. I held onto stress and anxiety and harbored a lot of negativity in my heart. Then last year, I attended the Fusion Retreat and decided to give my life to Jesus.  It made me so happy and I felt free of all the negativity I had previously harbored. Everyday I am made new and that makes me so excited for the life God has for me.

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